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Update #8 is now low introducing 2 major features: LAN support and VR Arcade UI as well as some minor updates/improvements/bug fixxes.

  • Intro Loading screen

  • Lobby music

  • Reduced Lobby graphics to imrpove loading time

  • Multiplayer: Blood bug when completing level

  • Multiplayer: Picking up drops/loot is smoother and more precise

  • Bug fix singplayer 2d UI, weapon no longer stops responding when activating the menu

  • Multiplayer: Game now supports LAN play

  • VR Arcade support: Introducing new UI for controlling clients and server through onscreen UI - Active in options or press F1

  • Multiple bug fixxes and minor improvements.

Instructions for starting a LAN Game:

1. Press LAN Settings 2. Computer that is to be host starts the LAN Lobby by pressing "Start LAN Lobby Server" Button. 3. Wait about 10 seconds for the Lobby server to start in the background 4. Host connects to itself by pressing Connect to LAN Lobby Server, no need to change IP. 5. All clients connects to the new LAN Lobby server by pressing "Connect to LAN Lobby Server". Make sure the IP is changed to the Host IP! Enjoy!

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