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So finally we decided to release Update #2 (which should probably be called update #22 considering the amount of new content and changes. We think it's a massive improvement to the game with so many changes it would probably require a 1000 point listing. So without further ado here are some of the more prominent changes to the game but far from everything is listed: Native Oculus Support

  • Much improved teleporting combined with a change of direction

  • Collect the Lootboxes for some massive rewards!

  • Numerous shops are available on the map currently with 9 items to buy and unlock with enough experience and credits!

  • Enemies now drop loot of various forms

  • Experience or XP is now needed to unlock weapons and items!

  • Credits is now needed to purchase ammo, health pack, allies, drones, weapons and much more!

  • Mission 1 now is much larger and takes about 60+ minutes to complete

  • New improved enemy behavior with enemies coming from all directions.

  • You can buy a helper drone!

  • Allied marine can now purchase in the shop!

  • Find the keys to unlock areas!

  • Game is now progressively harder with changing environments and harder enemies as you progress deeper into the ship!

  • Prepare for some epic battles and use the covers found throughout the ship!

  • Massive changes to weapon handling

  • Level generation and loading is now 500% improved

  • Massive performance improvements

  • Tons of new enemy FX

  • Tons of new enemy sounds

  • Massive Mechs added

  • Improvements across the board to balancing and enemy AI

After much internal discussion, we also decided to change the name to X-Fire VR to move away from the whole Xenomorph/Alien association.

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