June 13, 2016


  • Fix: Last Stand map now works correctly again 

  • Bug: Monster stuck on practice map is now fixxed 

  • Performance: Blood spurts up close do not cause any more drop in FPS 

  • Fix: Level 9 zombies don't walk through cars 

  • Fix: Flickering on buildings reduced 

  • Restored: Level 1 "Slow & Easy" now only contains regular zombies again 

  • Improved: Shotgun range is increased by 10 meters (30 feet) 

It's been a while since the last update but we've been anything but idle! We hope this update will be appreciated and all the work that went into it. 

We adressed a lot of the issues and bugs that were raised by the community and we eagerly await feedback on this update. 


Don't forget to try the all new outdoor map - Level 9!


  • Multiplayer: Client can now hear monster/zombie sounds 

  • Multiplayer: No delay between gun FX and firing 

  • Multiplayer: Game now supports up to 4 players in Co-op 

  • Multiplayer: Scoreobard separated 

  • Multiplayer: Can select teams (Red & Blue), players on same team can't damage each other 

  • Portals value now depends on difficulty 

  • Bug fix : Zombies no longer slide on floor when killed 

  • Added new map - Practice level (10 waves with different monsters)! 

  • Added complete new map - Level 9! 

  • Added new Death message 

  • Added blood effect in face to show how much damage player has taken 

  • Grenades has a failsafe and will not throw if you don't apply any speed 

  • X-ploder zombies will slow down long before other zombies so they can be taken out before they get too close 

  • X-ploder zombies makes a hissing noise audio cue 

  • Improved shotgun - Bullets have a much longer range and goes through zombies for mutli-kills. (Feedback will determine if this is OP or not) 

  • Score text above zombies can now be disabled in the menu for extra immersion 

  • Improved Riot zombie hit box 

  • Improved New Riot Zombie model, more details and better textures! 

  • Zombies can now be hit with all weapons in melee to make them 
    stumble back. Useful way to deal with X-ploders before taking them out. 

  • Bug fix : Zombies can no longer damage player if they are not within reach and attacking 

  • Bug fix : Critter demons and Abominations no longer disappear when shot 

  • Difficulty has been slightly raised on all levels 

  • Tons of minor bug fixes...












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